Do you often feel that you are so busy with day to day” nitty gritty” that is difficult to stand back and look at your business objectively from a financial perspective?

Do you have long term strategic plan to help you know where your business is heading?

Do you have a headful of ideas about your current or future business plans and could just do with a part time or one-off financial sounding board to talk things through with?

Do you know that there is room in your business to make more profits, turn it into cash faster but the day job means you can’t quite get to look at it as often as you would like?

Do you have a financial headache with perhaps you not having a tight a grip as you would like on where your business is heading financially in the next few months? Do you or your finance team need some short term or part time help to give you some direction in reporting / budgeting or forecasting?

Do you have some difficulties in managing your day to day cash flow or need some help raising funds for growth or investment?

Find out more about how Mandalays can help you

Mandalays is based in North West Leicestershire . We are located close for access to the M1, M6, M69, A42 and 50 and, therefore, accessible to you when you require

We provide a one 2 one finance director service that can help you with the things above without you having to pay for a Finance Director on a full time basis. We charge for the time you need , when you need it.


Sometimes we supply concentrated periods of time to help with bigger projects like buying or selling a business or expansion plans. It just depends on you and what you need at the time.