Mandalays Services


Create A Strategic Plan For Growth

Our strategic planning service starts to put together your business ambitions into a workable structure for achievement.

We work closely with you to understand your drivers, what continues to get you up in the

morning, keeps you awake at night, and formulate that into a long-term strategy for your business.

Being Your Financial Sounding Board

We know how difficult it can be sometimes to try to make a sound decision for the business when the day to day takes over.

We are able to be your financial co pilot that can suggest where the road ahead is clear so you can accelerate fully; or where there might be a right handed financial bend coming up that you need to slow down to navigate through carefully.

Improving Profits

With the ever-busy day to day issues of your business sometimes costs start to creep up. With our profit improvement review, we will look at all your cost drivers and contract profitability to see if there is any waste that can be eliminated.

You might be growing, but are you growing profitably? We can help.


We can also look at your finance team to see if things can be improved to help support business decisions.

Fixing Your Financial Headaches

Our financial health check uses a detailed interactive session to take a barometer reading of the “financial temperature” of your business.


Armed with this information you may be better placed to make decisions faster or avoid unpleasant surprises.


Helping Manage & Raise Cash For Day To Day Needs & Investment

You know you are growing, you think you are profitable, but you don’t see a growth in your bank balance. How can that be?

We look at your numbers and see where your cash might be being tied up unnecessarily or assess where you might not be making as much money as you thought you were.

We can also help with raising funds to help finance future investment or a business purchase.